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Complaints And Concerns

Should any person have a complaint with any health professional or body, they must first seek resolution directly with the entity responsible. If the person fails to receive a satisfactory  response, they may escalate the complaint to the Health Professions Council for further  investigation.
The HPC has two committees which are primarily responsible for handling complaints and  resolutions: the Complaints and Investigating Committee, and the Disciplinary Committee. The Complaints and Investigating Committee is responsible for the conduct of preliminary  investigations into all complaints rendered. Should, based on sufficient evidence, the committee
find the health professional or body to be in breach of regulations, the committee will put forth  the case to the Council’s Disciplinary Committee. The Disciplinary Committee is responsible for  prescribing the requisite corrective action based on severity of the breach.

To report a complaint or concern

To report a complaint or concern, please provide the full details of the complaint or concern in
writing and submit to the HPC via email, fax, or by physical delivery.
If you have questions regarding the complaints process, please contact us at directly

Questions, feedback, and support

If you have questions, feedback, or require support with registration, please feel free to contact  us via email at
The Health Professions Council  is a statutory body with responsibility for the regulation of certain health
professionals throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
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