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Learn about getting registered and managing your registration with the Health Professions Council.

Renewing a license

To renew a license a health professional must hold a valid or expired license. If you do not have an existing valid or expired license, please see instructions for getting registered.

Online Renewal

As of 2023, the recommended method of registration is through the HPC online registration portal.

To renew a license, please navigate to our online registration portal and select “Licenses”, navigate to your desired license, and click “Renew”, then complete the renewal application.
For detailed instructions, please view this guide.

Offline renewal

HPC recommends utilizing the online registration portal as this is the most efficient method of processing however, we recognize needs differ among individuals. If you are unable to register via the online registration portal, you may register using physical forms.
Please note additional time may be required for offline processing when using physical forms.

For offline registration, the Application for Registration must be completed and submitted to The Health Professions Council along with the required documents for registration and relevant fees to being the registration process.
For further information, please contact the Health Professions Council directly.
The Health Professions Council  is a statutory body with responsibility for the regulation of certain health
professionals throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
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