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The Health Professions Council monitors the quality of healthcare professions throughout The Bahamas and oversees the delivery of healthcare in the country. The emergence of new health professions presents opportunities for health service administration and regulation to evolve while ensuring that guidelines are updated, and the required basic standards consistently met.

The HPC creates a sturdy foundation for the formation of minimum Standards or Qualification; Registration of Health Professionals; the issuance of Licences; protection of the welfare and interest of Health Professionals and the establishment and regulation of a professional Code of Conduct for Health Professionals.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about registration.


How long does the process of registration and licensure take to be completed?

Timelines may vary depending on the complexity of the application and date of
submission. Generally, after your application has been submitted, the Council must then
meet to consider all submitted applications for approval.
The Council meets every second Wednesday of each month. As a result, you may
expect a decision in the days following the meeting.
For specific timelines regarding your application, please contact us directly.

How long does it take to receive approval?

Notification of approval is given once the Council approves the application, and the
requisite licence and registration certificates are completed

What are the requirements for registration?

Requirements for registration may differ based on the registering profession, but
generally you must have a valid:
o Evidence of educational qualification
o Proof of Bahamian citizenship or
Certificate of Permanent Resident Status or
Valid Work Permit
o Licensed health professional statement
o Eligibility requirements of the Council per registering profession.

Why is a health certificate required by the Council from health professionals
applying for registration?

As a requirement for registration as a health professional in The Bahamas, one must be
a fit as stated per Section 21 (1) (c) Health Professions Act. If any registered person
upon inquiry by a Disciplinary Committee is found to be suffering from any illness
rendering him/her unfit to perform satisfactorily, services may be suspended for a period
not exceeding one year or removal of his/her name from the Register.

Is one required to be “licensed” as well as “registered” with the Health
Professions Council?

Yes, every person registered under Section 12 of the Act who desires to practice as a
health professional annually must be registered and licensed. Each licence issued is
valid for the year and will expire on the 31st day of December of that year. (The Act, Part
III, Section 13).

What happens to those health professionals who have not applied for registration
and continue to practice?

Any person who engages in any of the listed professions and is not registered and
licensed by the Health Professions Council will be liable to a penalty as per the Act Part
V, Section 21 (1) (b).

What happens to a person registered under the Act who performs health services
other than those in respect of which he/she is registered?

This person commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine as per the
Act Part V, Section 21 (2) (a) (b) (c).

What happens to a person not being a health professional who practices as a
health professional?

This person commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine as per the
Act Part V, Section 21 (2) (a) (b) (c)

How are complaints handled?

Complaints are best handled directly with health professionals in the respective
professional body. If this fails, a person can lobby their complaint to the HPC. A
Complaints and Investigating Committee was established by the Council and will
conduct a preliminary investigation into any complaint rendered. A Disciplinary
Committee was also established in the event of a case that must be referred.
Please contact us directly for further information.

Fees and payments

How can I make payment?

There are several payment options, HPC accepts bank transfers, in person payments
via cheque and cash or online through our registration portal.

Is there a fee for the Registration and Licensing of Health Professionals?

Is there a fee for the Registration and Licensing of Health Professionals?

How are fees (i.e., Fee Schedule) determined?

The First Schedule of the Health Professions (General) Regulations lists the fees
payable under the Act and Regulations

What happens if a person fails to pay the annual licence fee?

If a health professional fails to renew his/her licence by the 31st day of March, in any
year, they shall be deemed not registered under the Act

Welcome to the Health Professions Council (HPC)

Acupuncture Therapy
Audiology and Speech
Language Pathology
Chiropody and Podiatry
Clinical Psychology
Dietetics and Nutrition
Emergency Services
Medical Laboratory
Occupational Therapy
Optometry and Opticianry
Physiotherapy and Respiratory Therapy
As of January 2017, there are over 1,000 active registrants listed on the Health Professions registry.
The Health Professions Act also makes provisions for additional health professionals to join at any time.

Historical Overview

The Health Professions Act(HPA) was approved on 6th August 1998.

The initial Act outlined twelve (12) categories of professions to be regulated:

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiography, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy, Optometry, Opticianry, Physiotherapy, Chiropody/ Podiatry, Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Dietetics/Nutritionist, Emergency Medical Service, Acupuncture



An Interim Working Committee was appointed to draft the subsidiary legislation and formation of the Health Professions Council. Existing associations and individuals practising in the professions identified for regulation were encouraged to provide input and information to assist in forming the legislation.
The Health Professions (General) Regulations and the Health Professions (Complaints and Disciplinary Proceedings) Regulations were approved in 2000. The Health Professions Council became operational on 1st May 2000.



An Amendment Order was signed in 2001 by Minister of Health Dr. Ronald L. Knowles. Audiology and Speech Language Pathology were added as the thirteenth profession to be regulated. Additionally, sub-groups for several of the professions were also identified.
By 2002, there were 200 registrants on the Health Professions Register. Dr. Charles Diggiss became the third appointed Chairman for the Council beginning his tenure in July 2002.



The Council continued to progressand had over 400 hundred registrants. More clarity was brought to the Council’s processes for registration and licensure including prime source verification. To assist in the authentication of documents, the Apostille Process was established.
In December, the Pharmacy Act was gazetted and signed by the Minister of Health, the Honourable Hubert Minnis. The newly established Pharmacy Council assumed responsibility for the regulation of Pharmacists.



In May, anew Website for the Council was the first step in a multi-dimensional approach to modernise the Council.
The Council considered regulating other health care professions(32 new professions) to help strengthen and protect the health care system of The Bahama.



The Council began to draft legislation for the inclusion of twenty plus professions on the Professions Schedule. HPC launchedits new online registration and website platform demonstrating its commitment to maintaining standards and assurance to the public and the professional.

Meet The Council

Dr. Richard Knowles
Dr. Juana Rodgers
Deputy Chairman
Dr. Pearl McMillan
Chief Medical Officer/Ex-Officio
Mr. Richard Darville
Dr. Ava Thompson
Dr. Kevin Moss
Dr. Clive Gaskins
Mrs. Justine Smith
Mr. Kevin Bell
Mr. Antoine Roberts
Dr. Christina Messarra
Ms. Bernadette Ellis
Mrs. Verna Marshall
Office Manager
Mr. H Campbell Cleare III
2002 - 2002
Dr. Horizal Simmons
2007 - 2012
Dr. Richard Knowles
2017 - 2022

Dr. Earl Farrington
1999 - 2002
Dr. Charles Diggiss
2002 - 2007
Dr. Charles Diggiss
2012 - 2017
Dr. Earl Farrington
1999 - 2002

Mr. H Campbell Cleare III
2002 - 2002
Dr. Charles Diggiss
2002 - 2007

Dr. Horizal Simmons
2007 - 2012
Dr. Charles Diggiss
2012 - 2017

Dr. Richard Knowles
2017 - 2022
The Health Professions Council  is a statutory body with responsibility for the regulation of certain health
professionals throughout The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
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